Jason Bond Picks Review 2016 – Can this Fraud be Trusted?

Jason Bond was a former elementary school teacher for the past 10 years in New York. 5 years ago he quit his job to setup his newsletter and become a full time penny stock trader. He specializes in swing trading, holding stocks for days or a few weeks at a time. He looks for gains of 5-20% for each trade and average his position size is $40,000-$70,000. He allegedly has made $500,000 since quitting his job and has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2016.

His website is very promotional similar to Tim Sykes, he seems to be more of a marketer than a trader. On the side sidebar of his homepage he cherry picks his trades, under the heading “Recent Results”, $6,100 on China Gerui (CHOP), $7,510 on PlasmaTech Bio (PTBI), $7,770 on Novogen (NVGN), $5,850 on Gevo (GEVO). Jason only shows his winning trades and rarely if ever his losing trades.

On the reviews on his page are overly positive with users giving 5 stars overall for accuracy, frequency and value. These are more than likely biased reviews from members who were given a free trial to leave a positive review.


Complaints / Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are mainly from members who signed up with unrealistic expectations, expecting to make $1,000’s every week trading penny stocks with very little effort. gave him a bad review (like they do with every chatroom, unless they pay) rating him 1 out of 5 overall even though he’s never been a member. That website is owned by ex-convict Emmett Moore who has an extremely shady past. 


negativeI’m not saying his service is bad but it’s hard to find a honest review of his service as people promoting him receive hefty commissions for referring new members. On a youtube video a guy claims to have made “$15,090 in 22 days” from just following his alerts, it seems like bullshit to me and then tells users to click the affiliate link below his video.

Ties to Stock Promotion

He has / did have a business relationship with BlueWave Advisors Group, a well-known stock promotion company. His newsletter picks are unbiased but does send out free emails for which Jason is compensated. There’s nothing wrong with promoting a stocks as long as he displays his disclaimer clearly.

jb promoter

Jason runs a blog which contains details of all of his trading activity and which penny stocks are on his watch list. Sometimes he will provide visitors with trading ideas to give them a sample of what it would be like to join his service. If you subscribe to his list he emails out offers free coupons / trials.

E.g of an email I received recently

“Good morning.

Made +$13,000 Friday on SFXE, GEVO and VLTC.

Video lesson coming today on how I made +13% +$5,000 on VLTC Friday in 1 hour.

Here’s the swing scan.

DSKX – Using trendline support at the pivot for entry and stop loss, range to $3.50 looks good with the MACD making a bullish move toward the signal line suggesting continuation is gaining momentum.


USAT – The uptrend on USA has been consistent in 2015 and there’s nothing to suggest this $3.50 breakout won’t work. Upside range is to $4 with $3.26 acting as the stop loss here.


SGNL – Strong news at the end of June hasn’t amounted to much since. Now that shares have retraced to the $1.50′s I think it’s time to give this a shot for continuation to $2. Might be a boring trade but risk / reward is good.


Remember, the market is off over 100 points Monday morning, sniper swing trading is in effect right now meaning no more than 1 – 3 open swings in the portfolio at anytime and mostly cash waiting for the right time to load the pullback”.


Jason was kicked off by Timothy Sykes because he was deleting trades and he lost substantial amounts on two trades which he attempted to hide. One of the stock tickers was TVIX. He needs to learn how to cut losses early, rather than waiting and hoping for the stock price to go higher. More than likely he fell out with Tim Sykes because Profitly wanted a 30% cut from his subscription sales. 

Is he a scam? No, just because he has a few losing trades it doesn’t mean hes a bad trader. Sure he has blown up on traders in the past but maybe he will learn from his mistakes. He should stick to his core strategy swing trading rather than trying to day trade. The stock market is all about winning and losing. Any trader who has 60% win and 40% loss is doing pretty well.

If you were to join his service, I advise you to watch his training videos and attend his weekly webinars, then paper trade for two months. This will tell you if his swing trading is a suitable trading strategy for you.

He is an solid mentor but his trading service is a bit over priced in my opinion. You join his membership site for the education not just to copy his trades. When he alerts his stock picks they move about 5%, which means you enter into the trade at a bad price causing you to potentially lose money.  Also he is not compensated for any of his alerts, so his picks are not biased in any way.”

The chat-room has around four traders that give out stock alerts which are really difficult to copy. There are also option alerts but not many as before due to other members blowing up their accounts. The chat room is full of other experienced traders, from whom you can learn alot from. At least $5,000 is recommenced to start out with. I have noticed that his newsletter has a high retention rate, which underlines the the value others find in his service.