The 9 Best Lessons From My 9th Annual Conference

With nearly 800 people attending our Trader & Investor Summit (see #TISummit posts on social media) from over 25 countries, this year’s conference was our biggest and best yet.

My sincere thanks to everyone who attended, either in person or online via LiveStream and an even bigger thanks goes out to my hardworking team of over 3 dozen people who helped make this event go off without a hitch, along with nearly a dozen speakers who took the time out of their busy lives and trading to present information and lessons that they thought would be helpful to others, while also tirelessly answering questions from the next crop of upcoming traders.

I actually lost my voice for the last 2 days of the conference, I’m not used to talking so much, all day and night, to so many people.  So, for that I must apologize. But, I LOVE doing these events, as it’s so great for me to put faces to names and screen names and so many students do me such a great honor every year by telling me the impact that my lessons and teachings have had on them and their trading…it’s my honor that you guys take the time to even bother listening to a word I say and I do hope that my many video lessons, webinars, commentary, watchlists, alerts and endless new projects, like STT and Trader Checklist, are making your trading and research lives a little bit easier…and I LOVE seeing tweets, like these, that show me that many students are REALLY getting it:

Make no mistake, trading is a difficult world and industry stats show that 90%+ of traders lose and fail.  So, you must do everything in your power to prepare, even over-prepare, before you risk your hard-earned money, if you want to succeed, let alone try to become my next millionaire trading challenge student…and that’s why attending this conference is SO important.  It gives you the tidbits that you need to succeed.

This year, my conference presentation focused on practice, repetition, patience and perseverance.  While that might not sound very fun and exciting, these are the attributes that you must have, to truly find success as a trader, especially in the long run, when your studying can really pay off and small initial accounts can grow exponentially.

Here are the 9 best lessons that I took away from this year:

1. Passion and determination aren’t enough, patience is required

I cannot tell you how many of the people I met claimed to be willing to study and work hard, in order to achieve success.  Yet, as I know from prior years, too many people go in thinking that they can be passionate and determined and they’ll have success, only to quit trying after 6, 9 or 12 months. They want to ignore that arguably the best trader in the world in the last 5 years, Tim Grittani, took 9 months to even find any consistency in his profits.  Too many students want immediate gratification.  And, if they don’t get it, they stop learning, blaming the market, penny stocks, me, life, etc etc etc for quitting. DO NOT QUIT LEARNING…EVER…read this blog post if you ever need a reminder

2. I Love Teaching

Every year, it’s a rush to get this conference organized and working.  And, every year, I come away with a deeper love for teaching.  Because, while text testimonials and email messages are nice, NOTHING compares to seeing how grateful people are for knowledge, when you meet them in person.  Even if I lost all of my money and all of my fancy stuff, I’d still teach exactly what I did wrong to get to that point, as I just straight-up love sharing all my knowledge.

3. I just don’t understand non-transparent traders

One of the things my students told me that they liked the most was my showing EVERY trade, making video lessons on ALL my best AND worst trades.  They told me how refreshing it is, in this industry that’s shrouded in mystery by “great” traders who find a million excuses not to share everything publicly. Sure, some people make fun of me, when I make a dumb mistake or have a loss, but I grew a thick skin long ago and it’s helped me greatly in becoming more disciplined and cutting losses faster. OK, I get how talking about big $$ is looked down upon, in our society.  But, the lessons that we as a community can learn from such big gains and losses are too valuable not to share transparently. I encourage you all to reach out to any trader you know who doesn’t like showing his or her “batting average” ENTIRELY publicly and ask them to post more details for the good of this entire industry. We need to stop being so selfish and narrow-minded or else trading, and specifically, penny stocks, will always be a tiny, tiny niche, which is sad.  If more people got into this, we’d have more volume and plays for everyone to learn and profit from.

4. Orlando is much better than Vegas for education

This was our first year having the conference in Orlando and I have to say, WOW, what a difference! I have a feeling too many degenerate gamblers attended my past Vegas conferences as an excuse to go to Vegas and gamble and live it up in Sin City without their family and they weren’t truly serious about their education. This year was VERY different, as I met so many more families who were enjoying Disney and the motivation of the attendees was clearly focused on education and providing a better life for their families. Plus, I LOVE East Coast trading, far more than the crappy 5am wake-up calls we have on the West Coast.

5. Stock picks and alerts are irrelevant

I know 99% of my students think that the key to getting rich is stock picks and alerts.  I’m sorry that, in the past, I’ve encouraged this behavior.  That stops now, as I’ll be doing many more live trading video lessons and live trading days with my students.  Only through preparation can you truly understand how to identify and execute the best trades. I’ll still give real-time alerts.  But, more often than not, they’ll be predicted far ahead of time in watchlists, video lessons and guides, like this as the same patterns repeat….making $ is nice, but learning the process and refining your process is FAR more important.  Grow your damn knowledge account!

6. I’m so grateful for my top students

Even though I lost my voice from taking too much, my throat would hurt much more and my teaching life would be much more difficult, if I didn’t have the help of my tops students, like Tim Grittani, Michael Goode and Mark Croock.  They ALL gave great speeches at this conference and really helped me make the point that you do NOT have to trade the exact same way as somebody else to be successful. We all might trade roughly the same stocks, but each of us has learned to focus on what we do best, based on our personalities and strengths and weaknesses.  Use their success stories as inspiration for what you can accomplish with enough hard work and study!

7. It’s not just about making millions of dollars

In the audience were several non-millionaire, but upcoming successful traders, like Sugar Jane, who has now made $161,000 and Woodtick27, aka Dan P,. who has made $245,000.  They are both on the right track and growing their accounts gradually. I know everyone wants to be my next millionaire trading challenge student.  But, as Mark Croock emphasized, his life has changed greatly, by making roughly $600,000.  So, it’s all about using trading and these patterns to make a better life for yourself.  And, if you stick with it long enough and adapt to changing markets and patterns well enough, the millions will come in time.

8. I have the best team ever

You wouldn’t believe the number of emails and messages and support tickets that my team deals with, each and every da,y along with the same questions over and over and over and over again.  Their daily tasks keeping this whole education company moving forward.  So, I just need to take a second to congratulate them on their work ethic, poise, hard work and dedication. Judging by the insane hours they work, it’s not just a job for them.  It’s about doing great, quality work that changes people’s lives…and I’m so honored to work with the best people I know, so many of whom couldn’t come to Orlando and some who could like Zak, my parents, Jamil, Tim B., Ryan, Doug, Glenn, Hala, Robbie, Dhaval, Dustin, Missy, Christine, Amy, Brett, Shay, Sarah, Richard, Samuel, Rob and so many more who were part of this conference…I’m truly blessed by my team!

9. This year was great, but next year we have to go big, since it’s our 10th anniversary!

As the years go by, it’s easy to forget the difficult paths we travel along the way.  But, we should remember the ups and downs and be truly grateful for the journey, as a whole. Big, round anniversaries, like 10 years of throwing conferences, are as good of an excuse as any to plan some truly special and remarkable stuff…stay tuned, my team and I are hard at work on next year already!

If you have any feedback about this year’s conference, please do post it below.  So many of you have already emailed and tweeted such nice things.  But, if you want to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.  Sadly, too many people out there still aren’t studying enough and have the wrong mindset, thus condemning themselves to consistent losses and confusion, which is not a good place to be and my team and I are here to help!