Why Is My New 11-Hour Trading Checklist Guide 100% Free?


As you might’ve seen me say lately, you can get my new Trader Checklist streaming DVD guide FOR FREE.  All you have to do is go register at http://traderchecklist.com– no strings attached, no BS, just 11+ hours of useful education, ALL FOR FREE.

Here’s a 30-minute video clip from the guide:

And, while I understand that 11.5 hours is a lot of educational content to watch, it’s all SO useful for your future and helping me in my quest to create more millionaire trading challenge students.  Knowledge truly is power and I’m very proud of how many people are absolutely loving this new DVD, all in the first 48 hours since its launch:

…and those are just a few of several hundred people who have tweeted me and dedicated several hours of their long holiday weekend to studying and being better prepared in the future.

Download a PDF version of this post.

My new Trader Checklist DVD is not just another guide with more rules.  It actually introduces a whole new stock grading scale that is ESSENTIAL for you to understand ASAP, because I’ll be including it in every single trade alert, video lesson, commentary and watchlist, from now on, just as I did in this weekend’s video lesson:

And THAT is the main reason why I’m giving this 12-hour guide away FOR FREE ~ You now have NO excuse not to study my new Sykes Sliding Scale that will help you be better prepared on every single trade, help you choose the best trades and manage trades better while you’re in them.  It’s preparation and discipline that will help you avoid being like the 90%+ of traders who continually lose.

Ah yes, you didn’t think I’d bring up the academic studies that show MOST TRADERS LOSE, did you? Because of this, you must do everything in your power to prepare, prepare, prepare, even over-prepare, ahead of time BEFORE you risk your hard-earned money on ANY trade.

It is MY DUTY to constantly bring up this ugly secret industry stat, unlike ugly bald people with 35-40% winning percentages and talking babies on TV who make you think this game is easy, I’m not here to sugarcoat the difficult, but extraordinarily exciting (once you understand how to profit consistently) subject that I teach, giving you impossible-to-live-up-to expectations that too many corrupt financial organizations do.

Sugarcoating and over-hyping stock trading is a disservice to both me and you, because if and when you lose, as you inevitably will, especially in the beginning, you’ll probably be angry and give up on your education.  That doesn’t do you or me any good…you must be prepared to be wrong sometimes and be okay with it.  And, more importantly, learn how to deal with it and minimize the damage from it, so you can grow your account on the trades that DO go as expected (which will happen a lot more often if you prepare excessively, ahead of time).

As I wrote about in the hugely important blog post, “A Key Trait You Need To Become A Millionaire” veteran traders have learned that great success comes over time.  Think months and years, NOT all at once, NOT in a few days or weeks and most especially not at the beginning of your educational journey.

The key is persevering through early mistakes and losses (and cutting losses quickly, not letting small mistakes turn into potentially big disasters), as it’s those early mistakes and losses that help mold you as a trader and help you develop over time.

This new Trader Checklist DVD explains FAQs I get on subjects, like “why is this stock not spiking, even though it just won a big contract” and “why is this stock going up so fast, even though they reported a big loss in their quarterly earnings report?”

There are rather simple answers to both these questions.  But, to get the answers and to truly understand them, you must watch ALL 11.5 hours of my FREE Trader Checklist DVD guide, so that you’re also in a better position to be a worthy student of mine and not ask the same damn ignorant questions that everyone else who hasn’t studied asks.

Perhaps that’s the best reason of all for why I’m giving this DVD guide away for free — because I’m sick and tired of getting the same basic questions from people who claim to want to learn, but for one excuse or another, haven’t watched my How To Make Millions DVD or the 4,000+ video lessons in my library (which are also essential to your development as a trader).  I’m taking away the main excuse that education costs $.  People will be unable to use that BS ANYMORE and anyone who doesn’t claim this new DVD is proving themselves to be lazy and only wanting hot stock picks without preparing ahead of time.

Don’t be that lazy person.  Lazy people don’t succeed big over time and they waste my precious time and try my already strained patience…register HERE and follow the instructions that are emailed to you!

Here are some more FAQs about this DVD:

1. Yes, it’s 100% free, no BS, no strings attached…I wanted to get this important information out there, so register HERE and watch it ASAP.


2. It’s roughly 11.5 hours now, but don’t burn out all at once.  You have plenty of time.  We’re not taking it down or making you pay for it anytime soon…it’s free and always will be.


3. The “Sykes Sliding Scale” that I introduce is NOT an exact science, but it’s my hope that showing and explaining all 7 key indicators that I use on every trade will help you plan your own trades better


4. If you had any issues about getting it, just re-register HERE and you’ll get an email and you’ll see instructions on how to access this DVD on the Thank You page, after you enter your email HERE


5. I hope you enjoy it, but I welcome all feedback.  Free doesn’t mean it’s crap.  I spent several months making this bad boy, so I hope you like it and appreciate it and use the rules/framework I include.  Without it, my upcoming alerts, video lessons and watchlists won’t make nearly as much sense as they will if you watch this guide and take all of these lessons in!